Microvolts Hack

microvolts hack  bot

If you were looking for microvolts hacks, look no more. My favorite type of video games are first person shooters, and fighting games. And since this game is of the former type it fits perfectly into my tastes. Unlike some of other exploits, this one was relatively easy to make, and only took me a few weeks.¬†For anyone of you who don’t know what this game is. Its an online multiplayer game based in some toy world, where you go around fighting other toys with guns, swords, bats and a lot of other tools. This game reminds me of Gunz, which by the way has been greenlighted for the Steam OS.

This hack allows you to fill your account with mp or rt, whatever it is you choose. Simply click the button above to download it. Once its finished downloading and you’ve opened it up just enter your email account, select mp or rt, and then enter the amount you want. Please don’t be stupid and enter something absurd. Use the bot nicely and don’t abuse it. Doing that will set off flags, and probably get your account banned and I’ve set up the program to ban people from using the bot if they use it too many times in one day.download now
So don’t use it more than once a day, and don’t enter stupid amounts. Simply enter the amount for the item you’re looking to get once you get the points. Follow this advice and you should be good. Now you might be wondering why I would share this instead of keeping it to myself. The simple answer to that is that I got bored with this game. Its fun as hell but after awhile you get bored of doing the same things. So I decided to release this because I had no use for it anymore. Besides things like this aren’t things you can charge money for so that’s another reason you’re getting for free.

Thanks for reading my article and downloading my hack. I have more on my website for other games, so look around, you might find some more things you could use. If you run into any problems with the program simply comment below or email and Ill look into it. Also contact me if you would like me to try and find an exploit for your favorite game. If its easy enough and I enjoy the game Ill definitely do it.

after using the mp generator

before using the rt generator

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